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Carvolution | Das Auto-Abo.

Categorie : Motor vehicle dealer

  • Adresse : Neufeldweg 2, 4913 Bannwil
  • Téléphone : +41625312525
  • Site Internet :
  • Carvolution | Das Auto-Abo. à domicile : pas d'information
  • Carvolution | Das Auto-Abo. ouvert le dimanche : pas d'information

Liste des commentaires pour Carvolution | Das Auto-Abo. :

- Great customer service with personal and tailored support. Carvolution agents are very responsive and ready to support you in creating the best offer for you. I love the carefree service they provide. Owning a car has never been easier.

- Without doubt the best customer experience I have ever had. Even though the new car was delayed, a loan vehicle was promptly offered and delivered and I now have my new car. Every person I dealt with at Carvolution was professional friendly and had a can do attitude. If you are looking for a car solution in Switzerland they are the answer. Highly recommend.

- As a foreigner who lived in Switzerland, I can only recommend Carvolution. I personally had no issue, but I fortunately also never had an accident with a car, so I never had to deal with insurance claims or car damage. Carvolution is particularly great when you are not sure how long you will stay in Switzerland - if you have to leave before your contract is finished, they simply take the car back. Myself - if I will ever find myself relocating to Switzerland for work again, I will get a car from Carvolution :).

- The best thing about Carvolution is the speed and professionalism of the service they provide. As an expat, getting a car delivered was incredibly simple. Their support team were always prompt and helpful in answering any questions. Their app is minimal but functional. I would have to urge prospective customers to enter an agreement with open eyes, though. The minimum kilometer package is so low that you should stick to driving locally. Don't get lured by their 'starting from' price. They will expect your car to be returned in the exact condition you received it. While in my circumstance there was some damage I could understand needing fixing, there were small scratches and chips that were simple wear and tear from driving for 2 years. Maybe the mechanic they use dœs charge fair Swiss market rates, but it was far far far in excess of what you'd expect. I was also charged 40CHF for replacement of a single registration document after returning the car. They also just have a single returning point in Banwill, which was near 3 hours on public transport from my home. In conclusion, extremely easy to get setup, very helpful customer service team who keep their promises, but prepare to be stung when returning the car.

- Récemment récupéré un véhicule électrique. J'ai eu une expérience fantastique avec Carvolution, très bien organisée et facile à organiser. Tout le monde parlait anglais, ce qui était utile car je ne parle que l'anglais et le français et pas encore l'allemand. Le service client était très bon et réactif. Je peux fortement recommander Carvolution.

- Jusqu'à présent l'expérience Carvolution n'est que positive. De la première prise de contact jusqu'à la livraison du véhicule, je n'ai eu à faire qu'à des personnes professionelles et très agréables. De plus, j'ai reçu la voiture avec 2 semaines d'avance. Le véhicule est top et je m'éclate avec. Un grand merci à toute l'équipe Carvolution. Je me réjouis de réitérer l'aventure dans deux ans, quand mon contrat sera terminé. Avec mes meilleures salutations Steve Martini.

- The most amazing car leasing service for expatriates in Switzerland, thank you Carvolution for offering this service in Switzerland, 100% recommended, I would recommend this service to anyone who is looking for a car leasing service in Switzerland, I would recommend this service to anyone who is looking for a car leasing service in Switzerland. Recommendations include. You can sign a lease contract for a minimum term of two years. In the unlikely event that you need to leave Switzerland after less than two years, you can terminate the lease with no termination fee. You can sign up for a car that suits you, including insurance. The staff are all excellent. Have a good car life.

- I took a 6-month lease from Carvolution over the winter (I typically ride a motorcycle 365 days a year but need four wheels during the ice and snow). I will definitely do the same again next winter, they can count on my repeat business - which I think says it all. The ordering process was incredibly easy, the pick up experience was excellent, the return experience was excellent. All very smooth and efficient. The team are all very pleasant to deal with, answered my questions clearly, etc. And the Value Proposition is great as far as I am concerned - just one contract with Carvolution, no need to deal separately with a car dealer, and then with the Cantonal authorities for registration and plates and tax, and then with an insurance company, etc. I had read a few stories about them picking up on every tiny little scratch on the car upon return and then charging large sums of money to rectify, but that certainly didn't happen to me. I did take out the extra parking insurance and would recommend doing that in case of dings on the doors etc. Highly recommended.

- Deuxième bail avec Carvolution maintenant car je suis passé à un autre type de voiture lors du renouvellement. Excellent service et bon prix une fois que vous avez pris en compte tous les coûts. Le carbone du carburant est également compensé en utilisant Avia, ce qui est excellent. Toujours rapide à répondre et très utile. Banwil sur la ligne de train et à quelques pas pour récupérer la voiture si vous souhaitez venir la chercher.